Damaged Items

It stinks to receive a damaged item.  We pack all of our shipments with care, but even then -- sometimes -- they fall prey to the transit services.

If your item arrived damaged:

  • Please complete the Return Form for us within 1 day of delivery: https://holtbrosmerc.myreturnscenter.com/
  • If your item was glass or ceramic, dispose of immediately and with caution
  • For other items, if possible, please photograph the damage for us
  • For all shipments, if possible, photograph the shipping box for us

Photographs cannot be submitted on return form but may be requested from a customer service representative.  You can also submit ahead of time by emailing to: sales@holtbrosmercantile.com

We apologize for asking for your time in photographing the damages for us, but this documentation is often needed when contacting the transit services. 

Documentation of the damages is not required but, very much, appreciated.



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