Bat Specimen Paperweight

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Bat Specimen Paperweight - Holt Bros. Mercantile

With these fascinating, genuine specimens on your desk, good luck getting any work done! Preserved in clear resin so you can view the amazing detail from every angle.


  • Real Bat Specimen
  • The bat's body is visible from all angles and its lifelike pose adds a chilling effect to this item.
  • You will find it's amazing under a microscope.
  • Makes an excellent paperweight as well as conversation or display piece.
  • Also a wonderful gift for friends, families, and scientists.
  • Each one is different
  • Approx. 5½"x 3½"x1¼"

Item Care:

  • No contact with other chemicals. Dust to keep clean.
  • Please keep between 0~45"C and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Please keep away from hard/sharp objects for avoiding scratches.
  • The resin is sturdy and durable - not easily broken; however, in the event of a break, don't touch the materials or inside.  

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