Fart Bomb Prank Gag Gift

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Enter the Fart Bomb Bag!   A sick and twisted improvement over an age-old gag...the time-honored stink bomb. This is not your father's stink bomb, as this bag of gaseous death releases its noxious odors on a self-release timer of sorts. Simply crack the Fart Bomb Bag's internal vial to allow the chemicals to mix inside, then quickly vacate the premises before the thing blows!

Once this stink sac is ruptured there is no turning back.   

A cataclysmic stench of biblical proportions violently ruptures forth, spewing it's nasal-toxic fumes, laying waste to anyone foolish enough to be caught in its path. The moment you get your first whiff of the acridly pungent fumes can only be compared to head butting a speeding school bus with your nose bridge.

Point being...whether used for laughs or good old fashion revenge the Fart Bomb Bag is one sick prank!

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