Peppermint Bath Sea Salts

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Natural sea salts and aromatherapy oils are always the best recipes for a better bath. These bath salts bring the best natural salts and aromatherapy oils right into your home.

SLS Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free
Safe for use with jacuzzis or spas
Avoid use on open wounds
11 weighted ounces

Improves your immune system, reduces stress, enable sleep, reduce skin allergies

Ingredients: Mediterranean Sea Salt, Vitamin E Oil, Coloring, Fragrance

Dissolve the desired amount of the bath salts in your bath. Inhale the soothing vapors as you soak to achieve best results. Can be used as often as required.

Other uses:
Place the desired amount of salts in your favorite body wash to create a scrub
Place the salts directly onto the shower floor an inhale the invigorating steam
Place the salts into a footbath with warm water to give your feet some papering

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