Personal Beer Chillers

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Personal Beer Chillers - Holt Bros. Mercantile
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Never drink lukewarm beer again! The Chillsner is a product alone in its class, the only in-bottle beer chiller on the market that you don't need to remove in order to drink.

The stainless steel core contains special chilling gel that is frigid enough after just 45 minutes in the freezer to keep your beer icy cold. Innovative design allows you to drink while the Chillsner remains in the bottle. Dishwasher safe.

• Set of 2 Chillsner cooler sticks
• In-bottle beer cooler
• Stainless steel core that holds special chilling gel
• After just 45 minutes in the freezer, keeps beer cold to the last sip
• Allows drinking while inserted in bottle

1" dia. x 9"L

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