Zombie Lawn Flamingo

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Zombie Lawn Flamingo

On the one hand, it's almost time to decorate for Halloween, so a zombie lawn flamingo would be a very wise purchase. And on the other hand, it's always time to class up the front yard, so a zombie lawn flamingo would again be a very wise purchase. Looks like on all counts we have a Winner, winner, undead fleshless exotic pink bird dinner!

As you can see from the action photos, zombie lawn flamingoes look just as dashing staked into large flower pots as they do installed on the open grassy range. Also, I feel like when I see these birds at the zoo they are always en masse, so as a nod to reality and any neighbor who has ever left you off their annual Christmas party's invite list, I would recommend that anyone who is considering buying one zombie lawn flamingo go balls to the wall and buy a dozen.

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